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   HAND and FOOT
A Fun Card Game

 This Collection was Gathered Over Several Years
 The purpose of this web site is to continue the progress
of the popular card game Hand & Foot
and to strive for uniform rules no matter where it is played

I have played with players from Canada, England, the Midwest, Arkansas, Florida, and the East Coast. They all of have slightly different rules. The other objective, is to strive to make it a better game. We can do this together with your input. For those of you who are now playing Hand & Foot, please visit the Survey Page and let me know your rules for the game, and also any comments you might have. You can also send Email to me. As I receive your rules and comments, I will incorporate them into the variations page, so all can see the different rules and how many of the respondents are playing the different ways. Also, please let your 'Hand & Foot' playing friends know about this page, so they too can add to our input. Thank you for your help!

 To see an amalgam of the rules as played by my respondents, go to Most standard rules
 To see the rules as played by the author,go to My rules
 Please click Rules Survey and give me your rules.
 To see a compilation of all the rules received from people who
submitted their version of Hand & Foot, visit:
Compilation of various rules
 For other versions of Hand & Foot, visit John McLeod
 Last Updated Aug, 2008