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      Rules of the game, as played by Roger DeMeritt & friends
  1. Use as many decks of cards as there are people.
  2. Play with partners, w/ 4 people, 2 against 2, w/ 6, 3 against 3, etc.
  3. Each player deals two hands of 13 cards each from his deck. The remainder are put in the center.
  4. Each player passes either one of his hands to the player on his left.
  5. Starting player is determined by each player cutting his deck.High card starts.
  6. Starting player may either pick up the turned over card, or any two cards from any of the piles of cards. He need not immediately play the card from the discard pile.
  7. Player may start playing with either his hand or the one he received.
  8. Player may pick cards from anyone's pile of cards.
  9. At each player's turn, he picks up two cards, and discards one.
  10. Lay downs are minimum of three of a kind. No runs are allowed.
  11. The first player of a partnership to lay down, must have the minimum number of points per the schedule as shown below.
  12. A player must play his first hand completely, before he can pick up his 'foot'.
  13. If, to clear his hand, he must discard, he must wait till the next turn to start playing his foot. Otherwise he can go directly into it.
  14. To pick up the discard pile, a player must have a pair in his hand matching the top card and the entire discard pile must be picked up.
  15. A 'natural' has a maximum of seven cards, with no wild cards.
  16. An 'unnatural' can have more than seven cards, but must always have more natural cards than wild cards.
  17. To go out, a partnership must have two naturals, and one unnatural.
  18. There is a bonus of two hundred (200) points for going out.
  19. The game continues until one partnership has ten thousand (10,000) or more points. The highest point count over 10,000 wins.
  20. The decks of cards are resorted between deals.
  21. Jokers and 2's are wild cards.
  22. Each natural counts 500 points, each unnatural counts 300 points. Cards in melds count for the partnership per the table below.
  23. When someone has gone out, red threes in your hand count 300 against you. Black threes count 100 points. Threes cannot be played. All other cards in your hand or foot count their point value against you.
  24. Only one player of a partnership needs to clear his hand to go out, but he should ask his partners permission first.
  25. All cards in players hands count against the partnerships total score.

Meld required to lay down

0000 - 1499----50 points
1500 - 2999----90 points
3000 - 4999---120 points
5000 - &up----150 points
Value of cards

Jokers --------50 points
Aces & 2's----20 points
8 thru King----10 points
4 thru 7 --------5 points

This page is maintained by Roger DeMeritt.
Last updated 6th May 2000.